You’re ill – what now?

Eventually it’ll hit everyone – the dreaded runny nose, head ache, muscle pain… Here are some home remedies, feel better soon!


I usually brag about how I rarely get sick. Now Karma has struck and for the second time within 3 weeks I got a horrible cold. Nothing dramatic but frustrating nonetheless.Now, when I’m ill I do two things that always make me feel better. I drink lots and lots of tea and I watch Criminal Minds obsessively.

Having said that, this treatment doesn’t work for everyone so I thought I’d  share a few tips on what to do when the cold hits. Tips that don’t include murderers, arsonists and a team of awesome FBI profilers. Just a few simple home remedies.

Steam. Steam. Steam.                            hqdefault

The feeling of steam on your face when you’re ill is beyond amazing and soothing. What you’ll need is a big bowl, big towel and if possible fresh leaves of sage, mint or thyme. Boil enough water to fill the bowl, add the leaves and then hold your head above it. To make the steam bath more effective cover your entire head with the towel and keep inhaling for 10 minutes. Your paranasal sinuses won’t feel as clogged and it also helps with the headaches.

 1695650382_989846bf18_b_display_4                                     Drink. Drink. Drink.

You need fluids, preferably water or herbal teas. And lots of it. A cold dries you out, especially in winter, so it’s important that you keep your body hydrated. Eating lots of soup is also very good – it keeps you warm and, again, hydrated.

Fresh Air               1712

It’s important that you get lots of fresh air. So if you’re at home, open the windows wide regularly. It tends to get really dry in the house so something else you can do is putting bowls of water on top of the heater to get a little bit of humidity.


Treat yourself to a massage. When we’re ill our whole body tenses up and very often we get terrible muscles aches. And there’s no tea in the world that treats muscle pain. So either ask a family member, friend or even a professional (unfortunately my wallet won’t let me allow hiring a professional) for a massage. There are so many different kinds but they all have a very soothing effect and it calms you mind and body.


Screw work

Even if you looove your job and you really wanna go – don’t. Even if you only have like a tiny cold, somebody else in the office could easily catch it and then it just goes around for ages, everybody gets it at least twice and the suffering is just being prolonged.

Having a cold is not the end of the world but it can be very annoying and I always feel very weak when I got one. If you get rest, try out some of these home remedies and take good care of yourself, you should be better in no time. If there’s no improvement after 3 or 4 days I would probably go to the doctors but hey, that’s up to you.

Last but not least – always carry a whole load of Kleenex wherever you go. I always make the mistake of forgetting them and end up having to ask strangers for tissues. Trust me, it gets really embarrassing after a while.

Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much, I’m gonna finish my Criminal Minds episode and sneak into bed with my furry babies. Thanks for reading 🙂

Ju xx

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