Disney Times

*lalalalalaaaaaa* a whole new wooooorld *naaanaaaaaaa* spleeeendiiiiid *yeeeaaaaah*


I need to start by saying:

I can’t sing. 

But that never stopped me from screaming the lyrics of MJ’s Billy Jean” or I’ll make a man out of you by the character of Chen in Mulan.

I can even begin to explain how much music means to me. All sorts of music.

Maybe it started with my mum. She is a professional pianist. She never made a career out of it, like hitting the big stage or something. She is a private piano teacher who occasionally plays at a neighbor’s party. But to me she is much more.

Every year around Christmas, she starts playing Christmas tunes and us kids (we are now 26, 23 & 21) gather around her Grand Piano and join in. Now, we’re not talking Maria Carey stuff but old beautiful classic traditional German Songs.


Then, there’s my sister. She’s been playing the violin for 15 years, she plays the piano and she sings – loads. So whenever there’s time, she plays and together we just hit it.

And it goes on like this. Music played an incredibly important role in my life, especially during my therapy. I could never be where I am now, without music therapy. It’s something external that goes straight into my heart and soul and it makes everything beautiful.

But I’m getting carried away, sorry…

What I actually wanted to write about are me and my sister’s duo – we’re singing Aladdin’s “A whole new world” together. Obviously just for fun, but it’s wonderful thing to do after dinner.

And, please… Who doesn’t like Disney???

It’s all dreams, love, magic carpet rides… Aaahhh, it’s just SO beautiful 😀


Okay, yeah, I admit it. I am an absolute Disney-head. I used to dress up as Disney characters all the time, because they were my heroes!

  • Pocahontas? Ah man, standing up to her family and tradition to be with her love
  • Mulan? Going to war to save her father (and meet the love of her life!)
  • Mufasa? Oh so wise and fair and a loving father
  • Belle? She is obsessed with books (hello ME) and totally not shallow
  • Baloo? Cuddly, loves to sing & eat, extremely loyal
  •  And the list just goes on…

You know, I find people who don’t like Disney very suspicious… I mean, what? It’s kinda same with Lord of the Rings. You don’t like Lord of the Rings? What is the matter with you?

Okay, I’m not actually this judgmental 😀 But I like pretending… Did I ever mention that diplomacy is not one of my greatest assets?

Do any of you sing? And what are your opinions on Disney? Bring it in the comments,

lots of love, Ju xx

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