The beauty of simple walks

Something doesn’t have to be big and huge to be wonderful and special…


Hello lovelies,

It’s been a few days but it’s nice to be back . I spent a couple of days in England with some of my favorite people and was sleeping the final bit of my cold off.

Yes, I am now completely un-cold. The cough is gone, no runny nose and no sore throat. The relief is unreal!

Anyway, today I want to talk about simplicity in life. Because very often we expect great things, want cool stuff, have fantastic stories to tell and we are on a never ending search of this greatness.

I found it. This greatness. Just the other day I was walking Jack & Jessy in my neighbourhood and a thought hit me. As part of my BPD I tend to think in Extremes. I want it all, or I want nothing. I want it black or white. It’s good or it’s rubbish.

But that’s not healthy. And I know that.

So I was feeling very down. I had fallen off the wagon with my eating habits again after doing really well for a while and there it comes – this self loathing, depressing moment where I look in the mirror and hate everyone and everything. Mostly myself.

But I took a deep breath and took my dogs out for a walk. And I found something I didn’t expect, peace.


It was not the greatest weather, I had a headache, I still had to do a whole lot of dirty dishes at home BUT – I felt at ease and calm.

And this is the same lesson over and over again but I just can’t repeat it often enough ->

Simplicity if beautiful. Don’t seek out the nearly impossible just to feel better. Go for a walk. Drink a cup of tea and watch the clouds. Have a cigarette in the rain and feel alive.

Of course this doesn’t work for everyone. But I know so many people who want to achieve the best, the most outstanding and most incredible things (which is admirable) but they hurt themselves in the process.

It’s wonderful and important to have dreams, to reach for the stars… But don’t make that your sole purpose in life.

Celebrate the little things as well.

Like a dog walk.

7 thoughts on “The beauty of simple walks

  1. I completely agree with the message you emphasize here. Sometimes it is the simple moments in life that are the best! I try to walk to places when I can and think it helps in some small way. Unfortunately I am not surrounded by such pleasant rural surroundings however.

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  2. I really like your style of writing and of the Blog 🙂
    I totally agree, it´s all about the little things in life and to recognise them.
    Too many people can´t enjoy the little things anymore because everything got to be bigger faster and always new… Of course these things are cool and all that but if you can still smile and enjoy the little things in life, for me you are way better of and mostly more often happy 🙂
    So continue enjoying life, my best wishes for you!!

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    1. This comment literally made my day. I’m glad you like my style 🙂 It’s nice to know that there are people out there, like you, who are aware of the “little things”, now we just gotta spread the awareness 😉 All the best to you too, Ju xx


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