Ready, Set, Fail

Photography so far has always been about finding a lovely motive and pushing the release button. But times change.



I love it. I love everything about it. But one of the things I love most about photography is the fact that the pictures always show your perspective on things. It is your view. You, sometimes even subconsciously, decide what you capture.

So for me, photography is almost a form of nakedness because you can’t really hide anything once you’ve taken the photo (deleting doesn’t count!)…

Even if you decide to photoshop it to the world’s end and back, it is still your work and your heart and soul that you put into the photo. And I think that’s beautiful.

Just push the release button…

Yeah, that would be what a lot of people used to say to me when I had my camera out, looking for those moments that were waiting to be captured. So I did…

Don’t get me wrong,the automatic mode is great and I’ve taken some wonderful pictures when using it. It’s easy and it’s quick.

But I’m in sooooo many different Facebook groups where they constantly discuss exposure time, camera aperture and so on… And I literally sit on my sofa and think to myself:

Wow, am I clueless!

And this cluelessness needed to stop. So I started watching youtube tutorials, I read articles about photography, I really tried to follow those conversations on facebook to try and understand everything.

Big nope!

I can’t even begin to explain to you how disappointed I was when I brought my camera along on our dogwalk and the pictures looked nothing like what I had hoped for:

None of these photos looked the way I wanted them to look. I set my expectations high, I wanted results like those people on Facebook who have been taking photographs in the manual mode for a lot longer than 2 hours.

So I sat down, smoked a cigarette and watched Jack & Jessy play .

But it’s okay 🙂

You know what I realized?

It’s okay! So my first time trial didn’t go as planned. So what? As soon as I turned my mind back into reasonable thinking mode I realized that this photography journey is a never ending trip. You always learn. That’s how you improve.

And you know what? I am actually excited for my next “aaah, fuck!” moment when I realized that I messed up my photos because of some stupid beginner’s mistake. Because that means, that

  1. I didn’t quit or give up
  2. another mistake is another way to improve
  3. another good/frustrating anecdote I get to share with you guys

However, there’s one photo I’d like to share with you. Not because it’s amazing, not because it’s rubbish. I want to share it because when I look at it, it makes me smile.


This is the only photo from that walk that I genuinely like. I’m satisfied and this experience, the fact that I managed to take a photo that I am proud of, is amazing.

How did you guys start with photography? Did you experience struggles?

Would love to read from you, thanks for dropping by 🙂

Lots of love, Ju xx


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