10 Questions – BlogParade

We’re playing a 10 Questions and Answers game. Please join, I’d love to know more about you!


Hello my sweets,

I should probably start by explaining what I mean by “BlogParade” since I have no idea what the official English term is (so yes, I’m pretending that the German word is also used in the English language)…

Basically it’s kinda like a Link Party or maybe a Blog Hop… Sorta… So, in this case I stumbled on a blog that is currently hosting one o these blog parades.

If you happen to know the appropriate term for this “event” please leave it in the comment section, I really need to know 😀

She has written down 10 questions, and is now asking other bloggers to answer them in a post on their personal blog. Once that’s done, they post their article’s link in the comment section of the host’s original article and she will then include the link to your article in her post.

I make it sound complicated which is partially to me not being an English native speaker – my apologies… It really is quite easy and in my opinion it is a great way to find new blogs on subtly promote your own 😉

Here we go, you can find the original blog post -> here

Yes, it is in German, but I’m doing this in English (incl. translation of the questions etc.) so if you guys want to internationalize this a little bit, please go ahead 😉

This blog parade finishes on the 13 of November, so there’s still plenty of time… Enjoy!

Questions & Answers

  • Which holiday triggers a feeling of wistfulness for you?

Oh, that’s defs the 2 week trip across the USA I did with my sister. Due to money & time issues we could only do 2 weeks and I didn’t get to visit New Orleans (on my Bucket list!) but I also know that I will do this again at some point in the future. With a lot more time and hopefully more money 😀

  • Who was your first kiss?

Oh deary, I remember it so clearly (CRINGE) – it was in the cinema with this guy I knew from French class (how ironic) and totally fancied. But we were both beginners so it was equally embarrassing for both us 😀

  • What makes your home home?

Easy – my dogs. It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as I got those two annoying furballs with me, I’d be happy to live in a shed at some old abandoned beach! Home is where my dogs are.

  • Is there something in your life that has not yet found closure?

Depends how you look at it. If we are talking about actual things, then YES, tons of it. I didn’t finish my course to become a certified dog trainer. I didn’t finish my Bachelor in International Tourism Management, blablabla…

But if we’re talking emotional issues… Well, my answer would still be yes. There are plenty of emotional issues that scream for closure but I’m not ready for that. I think with my depression & BPD closure is something that it’s still very far away. I am well, but there’s still so much to understand, work on and a lot of things I need to come to terms with…

  • Which song ALWAYS puts you in a good mood?

House of the Rising Sun – The Animals – I love love love this song!!!!

  • Do you have this need to always explain everything?

I wish I could say no but unfortunately that’s not true. I think it’s partially due to insecurities and partially because I enjoy being right (I know, not my greatest trait)…. So yes, very often I do feel the need to explain my actions, my thoughts and my dreams.

  • What is your biggest weakness?

Blimey, now there’s a question. Well, I can be a bitch. Not just grumpy and mean, I’m talking about mean-girls-bitchy… I think the reason why I’m so extreme is because I try to be be nice all the time and keep all the little things that piss me off buried inside me but then one tiny trigger and I explode. Not proud of this 😦

  • Does it matter to you what other people think?

Yes, absolutely. I hate that it does matter to me and I am working on strengthening my “Fuck it” attitude.

  • Did any of the dreams come true that you had as a teenager?

Yes. Probably a lot more than I’ll be able to list but I can name a few: a) I always wanted a dog and now I have two b) I’ve not only been to New Zealand but I actually get to live there for at least a year from February which I always wanted c) I got tattoos d) I saw the Grand Canyon……

  • What does Friendship mean to you?

I could probably write an essay about this but I’ll keep it short and simple:

Friends are the family you chose. It doesn’t matter how long you haven’t spoken to each other, once you meet up everything is just the way it was. As cheesy as it sounds but I always felt like I had my best friends’ fingerprint right in the middle of my heart. Wherever I go and whatever I do, mentally I am already sharing it with them. When I do things that are probably not a good idea (like calling an Ex-boyfriend) I can literally see them rolling their eyes at me. My friends are my family.


I actually quite enjoyed this. It took me a surprisingly long time to finish this post because some of these questions really got me thinking about my past & my future… Not so much the kiss question -> that memory was so cringeworthy that I just buried it somewhere and I’m hoping to never access it again!

Are you guys up for this? I hope so 🙂 And even if not, feel free to answer just one or two questions and leave the answers down in the comment section 🙂

Much love, Ju xx

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