Hello there & Welcome to Jumagination…

First of all, thanks for finding your way to my blog. My name’s Julia (Ju), I’m 26 and currently residing in Germany. That might change in February though.

Last year I started a dogblog. I was very excited, put lots of effort in and was totally into it – for 2 weeks. Then “stuff” happened, I got busy and things kinda fell apart. I was still battling depression (and being BPD doesn’t help!) and I was looking at a 6 week stay in a clinic. Now, most people say would say: “Whoa, that’s a long time!” but I did a 14 week stay the year before so 6 was a serious improvement. It was a really good decision though because I’ve been very stable for the past year, I even started to work again every now and then… Life just took a turn to the better – still is. And I got heaps to look forward to!

My point is, last year I just wasn’t ready to commit myself to something permanent like running a blog. I found out that it requires dedication, time, effort and love to do this. I didn’t have that. Now 18 months later I’m ready.

I applied for a 1 year course at Massey University in New Zealand, doing a Diploma in communication & PR starting in February 2017. Now, it’s not set in stone yet but pretty damn close. I am going to be a student, I’m going to put my life together and pursue my own personal happiness (yes, it sounds very cheesy but I love cheese, I’m like the personified cheeseness).

I cannot wait to start living again, to tell people about my new adventures in life but also to give something back to the world. Whether it’s a funny anecdote to make one of you smile, whether it’s a recipe that tickles your pickle or whether you pee yourself because of my embarrassing grammar mistakes.

Tons of love for you out there and thanks for reading until the very end 🙂

Ju xx

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“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable , but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

I’m Julia, 26, living in Palmerston North, New Zealand in a rented house with two wonderful friends of mine.I have not quite decided what this blog should be about, I’m still in the process of figuring it out – so I’m just jumping on the blogging train and see where it leads me.

julia00    Instead of writing a text about who I am, what I do and why I do it – I am just going to throw a few facts in your cyber face and you can then decide whether I’m your cup of tea or if my blog goes straight away on your “never visit this blog again” list  🙂

  • Harry Potter is my bible
  • Lord of the Rings is like the best thing ever
  • I adore dogs but I also always wanted a tiger  & an orca for a pet
  • I love doing the occasional photo shoot
  • I battled severe depression and BPD but I’m getting back on track
  • You don’t like Disney? Get out of my life.
  • I love singing, but it’s a good thing nobody’s life depends on it. I’d be responsible for a lot of deaths…
  • It’s embarrassing for me to admit it but I snore
  • travel. travel. travel.
  • I’m like obsessed with Criminal Minds. And I own a encyclopedia about Serialkillers
  • I want to be a Vegetarian but I can’t because I love bacon too much

Welcome to my world. Enjoy.


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Questions? Criticism? Ideas?

I’m one of those people who just can’t get enough feedback. That has nothing to do with self validation. It’s about (my magic word) COMMUNICATION and how to improve things.

  • The photos lack quality? Tell me.
  • You find my writing style unbearable? Tell me.
  • You have an idea on a specific topic? Tell me.

If you do have something positive say though, feel free to tell me that as well 😀


So, don’t hesitate get in touch.